Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My tips for fighting depression

Yep even I get depressed. I am normally the type of guy who's glass is always half full. But every so often even I feel things are getting  a bit much. Now I can only speak for myself but over the years I have developed some coping mechanisms to overcome the black dog of depression. I am lucky I am able to get on with life as I take some little tablets prescribed by my doctor. So I would recommend that you first of all you seek the help of your own doctor. Tell him or her how you are feeling , and be truthful don't try and trivialize things, if you are feeling you cant cope and are distant from things tell the doctor they cant help unless you tell them exactly how you feel.
Don't get stressed! I can almost hear you screaming at the computer "DONT GET STRESSED ITS OK FOR HIM HE DONT KNOW WHAT I COPE WITH" Nope I dont and I dont care, I have enough of my own problems to take care of to worry about YOUR PROBLEMS. My number one tip is dont take on the worlds problems. If you cant change it dont worry about it. I dont like lots of things going on in the world, Syria  Afghanistan etc. etc. Politics at home local councils and that is without getting down to your own friends and family. You can be concerned but dont loose any sleep you need all of your energy to keep going.. And smile! They say that Laughter is the best medicine and it is true, a smile speaks a thousand words. I have more than my fair share of problems to cope with and I must admit I have been down the black slough of despond and sat in a darkened room with thoughts I would not like to admit too. That is a spiral that is self fulfilling you think bad thoughts and hey bad things happen, the smallest problem blows itself up into a huge demon when you  are in a dark place. So  think happy things. I have a place I go when I feel depressed I say go but I dont leave the room I go there in my head, my place is somewhere I used to spend time as a child. It is a small wooded clearing over looking a meadow with primroses and flowers and cool shade and strong sunshine. My place takes me back to my childhood home and happiness. It is a place where I can dispel any dark thoughts. So smile laugh and be happy and if you like me take any prescription drugs for depression keep taking them, no amount of happy thoughts can do the work of tablets prescribed by your GP. I WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND SEEING YOUR DOCTOR FOR DEPRESSION. Yep my thoughts on depression are in no way backed up by clinical studies they are my own views. Smile and be happy. 


  1. Exercise, fresh air, music, chocolate and sex all do it for me, though not all at once! ; )

  2. Peter that is a great combination, you still doing your walking tours? Maybe I can do an article and link to your walking site. Don

    1. Very occasionally thanks Don, though my main "job" these days is my photography. I do still get out & about alot though (did a 20-odd mile cycle ride yeasterday & will do another longer one later in the week). Hope you're coping as well as you can in the circumstances.


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