Thursday, 11 October 2012

Infection stops play

I was exulting the virtues of my catheter but they do and cause problems. Since my last post I have been in bed with a urine infection and it is no coincidence the two must be linked. I have been in bed since last Thursday the day after the catheter was changed. I know the human body is a very complex machine but why o why cant I have one that works, the slightest whiff of an infection and my body shuts down. I am typing this as I sit up in bed, my legs refuse to bend which makes bathroom trips fun. I spoke with the doctor yesterday and he changed my tablets so lets hope they work and soon coz its my birthday on saturday.



  1. Sorry to hear you're poorly, Don, I hope thew possivbility of a big squidgy birthday cake helps you on the road to recovery :o)

    As for catheters & UTI's, yep, my husband has the same problem. Two weeks ago, he had his catheter changed to a silicone one because he's had so many infections, the bladder & bowel nurse thought he may have become allergic or sensitive to the latex catheters. It might be worth asking your district nurse about them if the problems persist.

    Now - GET WELL SOON !! :o)

  2. Cheers sweetie I hve just had the doctor out he says chest infection
    so even more tablets and these re HUGE

    1. Oh dear - horse tablets, eh ? I hope you feel better very soon & that you had as good a birthday as


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