Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Catheter change

Yep three months are up so another trip to Canterbury for my catheter to be changed. I am knackered now it all went OK but had to be done twice as it was not draining. I have to go to Canterbury urology department to have it done by camera and guide wire. Over the years my urethra has been damaged and left me with false passages leaving me unable to have the catheter changed in the community and needing a trip once a quarter through to Canterbury. I am seeing my specialist next month and hoping to get a suprapubic catheter fitted. I will let you know how things go but it should make my life a bit easier. I am extremely pleased with my catheter but the suprapubic should make things even better still. My Multiple Sclerosis has made a mess of my body but I try and keep it at bay and with the help of tablets wheelchairs stairlifts etc. I try and lead as full a life as I can so the message from this post is much the same as those posters that seem so popular at the moment "Keep Calm and Carry On" Life is for living and I urge you don't give up, all these things I have mentioned are not nice but they are just tool. Tools to help us lead as normal a life as we can!


  1. I know how tiring and difficult this process can be on someone's mind. My grandfather has his catheter replaced every month or so as well. He is getting older by the day and requires new treatment everyday. I will keep both you and him in my prayers and will try to pass your advice onto him.

  2. Thanks Mike the whole process no matter how often you have it done causes you to fret, it is not how I had anticipated spending my later life. I tell everybody to grasp the day because you dont know what the future holds. Don


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