Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Been to see the Doc

I am pleased to say my tests all came back clear and I am OK. Well OKish I am still sleeping for England and need some more tests. I am no nearer to finding out whats wrong but I can say I had a great Sausage Sandwich at Pegwell nature reserve. That made me feel better.


  1. Glad to hear there's nothing serious to report, Don. Maybe it's just one of those times - winter's on its way, it's getting colder & darker, & maybe your bod just feels bleurgh & wants you to slow down for a while.

    But, if anything can perk a soul up, it's a decent sausage sarnie :o)

  2. The do great sarnies at Pegwell and says he will be starting smoked brisket plus roast pork rolls soon me thinks me will mosey along down to Pegwell soon and see if I like them. It may take several visits to make sure, you have to make certain about these things.


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