Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bacon andd Brie photo

Hmmm have you ever done it? We came out in search of a bacon sarnie and a coffee and the world went down hill from the moment Heather closed the front door. She immediately  had that heart sinking feeling, she had left a key in the door inside and far from reach. No matter how you try you cant grab a key with a bent coat hanger through that little aperture designed for the postman to deliver the bills. We called a locksmith see my other blog Promote Thanet for the story. We eventually got en route for a bacon roll about an hour later. I was starving when we got to Pegwell nature reserve but when Heather got in with the rolls I was determined to have pictures  to make you all envious of my lunch I took several pictures before we tucked in. I spend a lot of time messing with my camera and playing with the results on my laptop so can you imagine my disappointment when I realised the I had left the card out of the camera and all my piccies were indeed memories, but ones that only I had.So yesterday was not that successfull but I did enjoy that Bacon and Brie roll.

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