Monday, 17 September 2012

Always listen to your wife

Last Sunday my wife was going to visit our daughter and I said ok I'll come wih you. Get in your wheelchair and I will push you she says, NAHH I will come on my scooter, She relplies you wont make the steps it will be easier in the wheelchair. No says me, you wont get in the door she says, I will says me. Well I went on my scooter see the results below. I am still nursing the bruises



  1. Now you know WHY you should listen to your wife, don't you, you silly, silly man !! :o) Hope the bruises aren't too bad, but every time you ache, I hope it makes you realise how your poor wife's heart feels :o)

    I hope she grounded you - & no more bacon & brie rolls at the Dog Walkers Rest till after Christmas !! :o)

    Seriously though - I hope you're not too sore.x

  2. Oh dear Don. You should have listened to Heather! Love you all very much and I love this blog, you really are more technologically advanced than me!!!

  3. Those cups o' tea she makes are just fine. I don't think I should blog like you blog. Up the works I could so easily clog.

  4. LOL thanks folks I am feeling ok but I am in need of a Dogg Walkers rest Bacon Sarnie I find they ease all ills


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