Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Diet what Diet

I have been too engrossed in the Olympics to do much blogging. I did manage to upset a few people on my Promote Thanet blog by mentioning Manston Airport but the rest of the time has been taken with sport. It may seem strange that someone who can hardly stand unaided should want to watch able bodied people running around. I would say it is totally normal and ask why not. These athletes are at the peak of their game, they have trained to be the best they possibly be and for me are an inspiration. I always try and do my few exercises but over the last ten days I have tried a little harder. I know I am never going to run ten metres let alone 100 metres anymore but all the time I am sitting around I am not burning any calories and all I do is put on weight. I try and watch my weight, I eat less now than I ever have, it would be easy to stuff myself but that would be a disaster as I am a recipe for obesity. Disability could be an excuse for putting on the pounds but I try as hard as I can to keep my weight down. When I was working I used to be on the run all day long and burning the calories, it didnt seem to matter what I ate but now it is a different story. I have never been on a diet in my life but what I do know is as close asI can get to dieting without starting a diet.


  1. Medication will also cause you to put weight on, Don. My husband saw a dietician in May because in the past few years, he's put on a LOT of weight & after going through everything with him, she said he was actually eat less than the recommended daily amount. She said his weight problem is caused by lack of mobility & medication. So, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you're not going to win :o(

  2. Thanks for that I remember by specialist once say "this as as good as it gets from here it is all down hill" e had a great beside manner. LOL I dont care really so long as I wake up each day is an adventure, as they say on the advert onn telly Now is the present and tommorrow is a mystery


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