Friday, 27 July 2012

Trip to the Park?

We had a late start this morning and my wife had an appointment so she headed out and I resumed my position as guard to the remote control. I didnt  have time to shower before she left so stayed in my PJ's. Well I didnt feel much like moving when she returned so we had lunch and watched ba bitmore TV and then I finally got round to having my shower in mid afternoon. I had hoped we could go to the park and grab an ice cream but we didn't make it. Even though I had done nought I was exhausted and just plonked back in charge of the remote. MS wears you out doing nothing. My MS Nurse is moving away so I doubt I will see her again she had said she would try and call again before she upped sticks and started her new life in Hampshire but I fear she has gone and I will miss here. The MS society campaigned long and hard for the appointment of specialist nurses to support MS sufferers. I hope she is replaced but in todays economic climate nothing is cast in stone.


  1. thanks for dropping by to see that tree - hope you get a new regular nurse soon - all the best now from up North here

  2. Thanks Gerald I hope so as well but in theese economic times who knows


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