Friday, 20 July 2012

Trip to hospital for catheter to be sorted

After all the waiting for the District Nurse it all went wrong.. I had a bleed (the catheter split a vein) so an ambulance ride to Canterbury was the order of the day. The reason for the ambulance is due to the possibility of a hemorrhage. I ended up in A&E at Canterbury Hospital and on admittance The Sister said to the Nurse don't worry with taking his details its only a routine catheter change he wont be here to long.She obviously hadn't read my script as I have been through to Canterbury a few times now and have had to have the catheter inserted by a guide wire each visit. I still stand by having a catheter fitted even with the risks it is worth it for me. My MS means I am very slow moving around and if I had no catheter I would pee myself before I got to a loo. So obviously it has its risks but now I am OK for the next three months. Any how enough toilet talk I never managed to see the Olympic torch yesterday but  my wife and son went to meet out Daughter and little legs our youngest grandson to see the torch as it passed through. I might not of been well enough to go but  I had over one thousand photos to look at, my son is a compulsive snapper.


  1. At least you'll be able to look at all those photos without a loo break!!


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