Monday, 23 July 2012

Now it is too hot

I know I have always got some thing wrong but can I just say it is just to hot and sticky. I am knackered doing nothing. I haven't moved from the settee all day. My youngest grandson has been with us for the afternoon and has been a delight he has been on the laptop teaching his grandma how to play moshi monsters. Multiple Sclerosis seems to affect everybody in a different way but most people suffer in the heat, it just seems to suck the life blood out of my body. I know people generally love the hot weather but don't like it. Keeping cool is the order of the day and I often head for the sink and run cold water over my wrists which seems to be the fastest way to cool me down. I imagine I am not alone in finding the heat uncomfortable and I am so far removed from my previous life as a roof tiler when I would be stripped off and bronzed as I run up and down ladders all day.  I know the MS Society  do fact sheets  about coping with the problems life throws up and they do one for temperature so rather than reinvent the wheel click here for a copy


  1. Don unless you can’t afford it get a portable air-conditioning unit this should be the type that has separate pipe that goes outside and pumps the heat out. There are some that are just glorified fan units, the ones we have in the shop and kitchen came from Homebase are about £260 and have 9000 BTU rating. Portable is also a key word here as otherwise they need to be fitted by an expert and you can’t move them to another room, say your bedroom. The only snag is they are a bit noisy.

  2. Cheers Michael they have come down in price. I used to have an old secondhand unit but it bust never to be replaced..


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