Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Had my paella and a chat about modern art

How good was that I have eaten my food drunk a coffee and haven't left my seat. Dinner was a very nice paella and I didn't do the washing up, its safer that way, last time I washed up I broke 20 quids worth of the best china. My brother phoned earlier and we arranged to link up next week, he and his wife come and visit around once a month and we put the world to rites. But when he comes next week we are set to disagree and the reason is the Tracy Emin exhibition. He visited it last week and told me he thinks it is rubbish. I must admit I was taken aback by the exhibition but had some great conversations whilst there and the art is somewhat simplistic. But is it art my brother said and yes says I. We have agreed to differ but it still leaves the question what is art? Well ask one thousand people and you will get around one thousand different answers. All I know is I enjoyed my time at the Turner Contemporary and will be going back again, the reason being I want to listen to the comments that people come out with. I am no artist and I know I cant draw but my brother thinks he is as he tells me he could draw better than Tracy Emin.

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