Friday, 13 July 2012

Disability and me

Hi I am Don and I just want to say hi to the world. "HI". I am 56  married and have three kids, well they are all grown up but to me they are my kids. The eldest two have kids of their own and our youngest is 22 soon. I have a few blogs on the go but recently I have been reading some poetry by and about disability. I know disability is seen in my different ways. I see men who have lost their legs in Afghanistan doing amazing things, this week a soldier cycled across America and he has lost both legs above the knee he and a team raised five million quid for help the hero's.
Then I ask myself what have you done? Why can you do something like that? After all you have only got Multiple Sclerosis  you haven't lost your legs! I go through all of these thoughts and wonder why. I know why I cant do it but I wonder why I cant ?? I should be able to do something other than sit around all day, I  should be able to walk down the garden or across the room, but I cant because my MS has robbed my body. I used to be fit, as a schoolboy I was picked to run cross country at County level. I never did but that is another story. I was a roof tiler when I arrived on a job there was three tons of new tiles on the floor and they had to go up the ladder and onto the roof , and the old tiles or slates had to come down the same way. No lifts of hoists good old man power and I was that man power.
 Depressing when you think like that, about what you used to be able to do! When I was a baby I used to have a baby bottle and pooh in a nappy. I wouldn't want to do that again but I used to so why do I want to climb on a roof or run round he park? Because I cant? I cant play a Piano but I don't want to do that why do I want to cycle across America or play football with my grandsons. I don't know the definitive answer, The answer a shrink would give or a therapist would come out with. All I know is I want to and I cant  TOUGH PAL GET ON WITH IT. Yep that is about it.Get on with it, the only person who can cope with this crap is me and those around me. My wife my kids my friends help but I don't even tell them what I feel what I really feel, and if you think I am going to poor my heart out on  this blog you are wrong. I aint like that I don't wear my heart on my sleeve I am a man.  Yep a man who reads poetry who loves nature and enjoys life. I am not a woolly tree hugger either I am just an ordinary bloke getting on with stuff that life throws up and this blog is about me.

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  1. I am Don's sister and everyday he is a true inspiraton to me. I know more than anyone exactly how he he feels. We grew up together, children to adults. Now I also sit around, knowing that we cannot aspire to doing too much these days, because our bodies are moving apart from our minds. As our bodies grow weaker, our minds grow stronger. Yes Don, you are indeed an inspiration. I also have MS and tell myself daily, if Don can cope with his MS every day then I bloody well have to.


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