Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hot weather wipes me out

I am so lethargic in this hot weather, I am sitting here with a fan on and all the windows open. Today is the first day I have managed to create a breeze through the house since this mini heatwave has been with us. Sleeping with the windows open and the fan on last night was strange and I woke a couple of times thinking the sound of the fan was my sleep apnea machine working overdrive! Multiple Sclerosis is a strange beast some days I actually feel good but mostly I am just lethargic and sleepy. The heat seems to get under my skin as I type this I have the feeling of hives under the skin on my legs and fingers. Still could be worse I could live somewhere like Qatar where it is 47degrees as opposed to 27 here. 😅💦
Thats me done for now I am finding it hard to type because my fingers feel like sausages and these few words have taken nearly half an hour to type and I am now exhausted and need some ZZZ's

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Constipation is serious business

I phoned a mate this week and he told me he was suffering with constipation. He had never had this problem before and explained he had at first thought he had a twisted gut because the pain and discomfort was so bad. He managed to get an emergency appointment with his doctor who diagnosed constipation and the extreme pain due to an existing hernia being aggravated by the mass of the constipation. As I was talking to him I personally was into my third day of trying to pass a motion. I have suffered with slow bowel movements all my life.
People are funny when it come to bodily functions! Every single one of us on earth has to pass poo most days yet no one discusses this most natural of things. I personally have a toilet regime which involves logical (a stool loosener) and anal irrigation. My MS has wrecked what muscle I did have and the water help me empty my bowel but sometimes even that proves to be unable to make me go, as I said three days of trying is exhausting. As I write this my body is still not recovered two days after going.
The reason for writing this post is simple, don't suffer in silence, there is lots of help available. Speak to a chemist go and see your doctor, if he can't get you sorted he can put you in touch with a continence nurse. I have been with my nurse for over ten years and she had been fantastic, making my life bearable.
The other thing I want to say is I recently spoke to someone suffering diarrhoea. Don't not take medication to stop it Imodium is a marvellous drug that stops diarrhoea in its tracks.
Poo is not the most colourful of subjects but as I said everyone has to go and if you are having problems help is at hand, don't ignore it ask for help!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New pain relief

I suffer a lot of neuropathic pain, I understand that it is quite common in multiple sclerosis. I have tried all sorts of different medication to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work. Amitriptyline caused side effects of the bowel and when you only move at snails pace you can imagine the side effects without me being to tragic. Gabapentine gave me hallucinations, I saw aubergines floating in the hallway and they had a red halo around them, I was able to get around with a Zimmer then and evidently I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching them before getting on the stairlift waving to them. Needless to say Gabapentine is off the list of medication I can tolerate.
I have now been on a close relative of Amitriptyline for almost a month and touch wood it offers some relief during the day and in the evenings I take a couple of Zapain to take the edge off before bed. I am lucky that once asleep I don't wake even if we get an earthquake!

Lets June 8th be the end of May

I saw this first on Twitter and now having done a google search you can get a Tee Shirt with it on.
if you want one google it #VoteLabour
Vote on June 8th

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Vote Labour Tories have doubled National Debt under austerity

Yep I know they will say whilst they were running the country they need us to have some austerity so they could spend even more running up the National Debt. WE JOE PUBLIC have suffered hospitals and social care in turmoil Nurses being condemned to use food banks and the break down of the nations infrastructure. Local authorities themselves are cutting services because the Government appears to not to care about little old ladies unable to go into social care or have home help. I am going to be voting labour on June 8th