Sunday, 16 October 2016

Exhausted after birthday celebration

Yesterday started off with a birthday breakfast at Taddys tea rooms. I had full English. I like it there nice food nice staff  and nice surroundings. I came home from there and had a couple of hours in bed in preparation for the main event a double celebration in the evening. Not only were we giving praise for the fact I had reached my sixty first year our eldest grandson had passed his Kent test and was off to Grammar school. Chinese food all round much fun and laughter and a  glasses of red. Well it's not every day your grandson gets to celebrate with his grandad.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another day another hospital appointment

It's Wednesday that must mean Canterbury hospital! It has been a bit like that lately, today was an appointment with the specialists at Canterbury. I got to see the MS nurse and also the specialist physio nurse. They are both fantastic and have sorted so many different things for me over the years. My first MS NURSE retired about ten years ago and her replacement swopped with my current one because it made logistical sense they were literally passing each other going in opposite directions each morning, by swooping they are both now working their home patches. Well we caught up on what has been happening. How the boric has worked out did the new painkillers work etc. The answer by the way was no, I have a very sensitive bowel and tablet changes often result in unwanted side effects.
The result of all this was I am going to get a call from the pain clinic. I am maxing out on painkillers most days and pain is in itself debilitating. Fatigue levels of late have been awful and it has made quality of life pretty boring. Still it sound as if I am moaning, I am not its just putting the facts down, moaning about it won't change anything. We left Canterbury and then headed to Whitstable to check out a venue where we are visiting in a fortnight time. We drove past the turning twice so just as well we did a reccee we will find it on the Day now. After that we headed homewards having skipped lunch we decided on fish and chips in Sandwich but Heather needed to nip home first. I stayed in the car whilst she went in and retrieved the washing she was worried about, by as she was leaving the house she answered the phone. I saw her again about thirty minutes later. Thank goodness for car radio's I sat in the car being tortured by the newspaper just out of reach in the back of the car. I was delighted to see Heather when she got back in the car.
Fish and chips were delicious we sat in the car catching up on today's happenings eating and drinking Aloe water, our vicar New my liking for it and had bought me two bottles yesterday, he can't stand the stuff and bells me aloe pulp in water is disgusting but I don't care what he thinks I love the stuff. Well that's my news, I doubt I will post anything tomorrow as it is my Birthday and I will be otherwise occupied eating cake and bacon sandwiches etc.  etc. Night folks.

Check out your home insurance

I was coming up to bed in the through floor lift tonight and got to thinking house insurance! That lift is worth almost as much money as we paid for the house a lot of years ago. Tomorrow when I get up I am checking the house insurance, it's no good thinking oh I must be covered because insurers find ways not to cover you. So I will be on the phone asking them not trying to read the small print and second guess them, I want to know.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Oh Botox

Yep it was botox injection time again. Last Friday! The whole day spent traveling and half an hour being checked and injected. The two complete days in bed sleeping unroll late in the afternoons just getting up in time to eat catch a bit of TV and sleep again. Two days of virtually continuous sleep approximately twenty hours each day. Multiple Sclerosis messes with my body big time. Today I was awake at 05:30 and have been awake all day. It is now 23:00  and not really tired hence blogging now in bed using my kindle.
The injections are supposed to reduce the tone in my hamstring muscle and enable better movement in my legs. It does work but not terribly well. I am hoping this round will be more successful,  I will keep you posted, watch this space.

Big Boys Toys at new addition to Benridge Care Group, Asmall Hall care home

I opened up my inbox and was greeted by the sight of Bill playing on a mini-digger sorting out the new fences at Asmall Hall, the latest care home in the Southport Area of Lacashire to join the Benridge Care Group. Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL ofers EMI care both as residential and also respite care. Visit the Benridge Care Group website Here
Or look at the Benridge Care Group Facebook Page
if you or your family are considering EMI care contact
Good Companions 113 Roe Lane Southport PR9 7PG Tel  01704 220450

Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL Tel 01695579548
Bill at Asmall Hall photo courtesy of ON THE SPOT NEWS Southport


Read about the Makeover at Asmall Hall here on the OTS News Website