Sunday, 15 January 2017

Miracle cures for all disabilities

We have all seen the headline MIRACLE MAN WALKS AGAIN AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS! Fantastic but when you drill down on the facts he is wired up to an array of equipment and isn't really walking  etc etc. All these cures are a bit like the medicine men that had a wagon going from town to town in the wild west movies I watched as a boy peddling hope. Each bit of hope contains a modicum of truth and eventually get enough modicum' s you may get a break through.
I have had multiple sclerosis for over twenty five years and I can remember one specialist saying to me “we can't cure it yet but one day we will, maybe not in our lifetimes but eventually" not much good for me but great for those that fit into the eventually category. There are all manor of illnesses that are now incurable cancer being the biggest and each of those modicum' s of truth or knowledge science gains is heading towards that day when we can say we have beaten that which disables us.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Seems anything for disabled people is more expensive

I know there is a smaller market and I understand the supply chain demand etc.etc. but believe me the arse gets liked out of it by some people. I ain't mentioning no names I ain't naming and shaming. I am just saying buyer beware. I always say this no matter what it is. I buy a lot of stuff on eBay. You have to watch out on there don't just click on the first thing you find today I saved myself over eighteen quid by shopping around, I know that had nought to do with disability but it took fifteen minutes clicking the keys on the keyboard! So when you want to buy an item don't just take the first price, remember the Yellow Pages Advert "let your fingers do the walking" I still use my local disability shop but I say can you price match? 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New year New disabled shoes

 My feet are turning in, if I could walk I would walk on the outside edges of my feet. And to top it all my toes are screwing themselves up for good measure just not to feel left out. My physio refered me to some orthotics chap and I have now got splints down the backs of my calfs and round my ankle and under my foot all in a fetching shade of black and held in place with colour coordinated black Velcro. Did I ever tell you my joke about Velcro "what a rip off" get what a rip off good joke heh?
Today after months of no let's get Christmas over with I had to finally admit defeat and give in to Heathers "let's get you a pair of shoes"
I reluctantly drove the wheelchair up the ramp and was strapped in for the trip to the disability shop. At least we had the good sense to call the shoe shop in Canterbury she had planned to drag me round. They thankfully had said they had nothing to fit a cyber footed wheelchair warrior and could offer no recommendation other than a disability shop. Hence me be|ing loaded into into car this morning. Off we went to Birchington and despite all the promises the shoes don't fit cyber men from Margate be they wheelchair warriors or not. So despite all the promises all I came away with was a very expensive pair of slippers in a colour coordinated black and yes you guessed it matching black Velcro.
Some things in life never change. Oh I forgot to say we went to where the mobility shop was only to find it wasn't there any more it had moved some five years ago. Thank goodness for Google. Evidently when we got there they moved seven years ago next month so other than black and Velcro so maybe some things do change.
Splint similar to mine but mine is black and has black Velcro and is black so its not like mine at all

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Been to see consultant about pain

I try and carry on regardless I have had multiple sclerosis for getting on twenty-five years and I try and fight it, don't let the bastard get you down type of thing. But lately I have been in a lot of pain. To me the only time you complain about pain is if you hit your thumb with a hammer when bashing in four inch nails, the you end up with a lump out of your hand and some blood to show for your pain. I don't show pain not even when I fell off a ladder and had bone sticking out of my shin, "just a skin wound I can carry on". But of late I have been knocking back painkillers like smarties. I hurt, I hurt all over nagging constantly away at me. Not a real pain no blood or Gore to show for the constant never ending throb. I I stop to consider where it hurts it's all over. Some places hurt more than others at different times. It is relentless it don't go away but although it hurts and I am taking tablets to take the edge off it will it go away? no.
I spoke to the MS consultant when I last went for my botox injections and she referred me to see this pain man. Well along the way the lines got crossed. I ended up with two different appointments for two different places. One was for group therapy, pain is an individual thing and I know the expression "a problem shared is a problem halved" but when it comes to the throbbing pain under my skin I don't think talking about it will help. Can you imagine it, sitting round in a room like the local branch of Alcoholic anonymous and say "hi my name is Don and hurt"!!! Not for me, sharing might be caring but I want to get rid of the pain I know talking about it won't make it hurt less.
So on Tuesday I ended up at outpatients in Canterbury hospital seeing a very nice man who gas given me some anti epilepsy drugs to try and shut down the nerves that are hurting. All the other stuff I have tried has had horrendous side effects and he said don't start on them until after Christmas because he didn't want me having problems that spoil Christmas. Nice. So that's me all up to date. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!