Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk

I have just got off the phone to our friend Carole McLaughlin co-owner of The Benridge Care Group and she was shopping for new light fittings for Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk. I posted last week about their need for new nursing staff as Asmall Hall is now in the ownership of the Benridge Care Group and the whole place is being overhauled and the light fittings were for a room being transformed for a new resident due to move in shortly. Benridge Care Group already own two other care homes in the area Benridge their original and first Home and also Good Companions which is a sister home to Benridge. 
The existing homes already specialise in  EMI Care  which the CQC describe as Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care, Dementia, Eating disorders, Mental health conditions, Physical disabilities, Sensory impairments, Substance misuse problems, Caring for adults over 65 yrs
So taking on Asmall Hall is a natural choice and continuation of the services provided at Benridge and Good Companions
Carole had to cut me short as the electricians were waiting for the fittings and carpet fitters and a new lift were also due along with curtains being fitted and new equipment arriving!  Asmall hall will  be a fitting addition to the Benridge Care Group and if you have need of residential care in the Southport Lancashire area ring them on:-
Benridge   53 Queens Road Southport PR9 9HB Tel  01704 530378

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk Southport NURSE MANAGER & NURSE VACANCIES

 Our friends have just taken over Asmall Hall Care Home
Benridge Care Group - Nursing and Residential Care
Asmall Hall Care Home is now under the new ownership of Benridge Care Group.
There are exciting changes to come to Asmall Hall Care Home.
So if you would like the opportunity to be a part of this from the start, please apply.
RGN/RMN's required.
£15 per hour dependant on experience.
NURSE MANAGER, rate of pay is negotiable
Please contact Joyce Craney on the following email:
Tel: 01704 530378/01695 579548

Maybe one of my readers can benefit from this information.

Benridge Care Group WEBSITE 

Benridge Care Group Facebook

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hot weather makes me weak

I have not had the best of days, the heat just makes me feel so weak. I have sat in the wheelchair all day avoiding doing anything. Then tonight I came up had a shower and a quick shave went to stand and when I was on my feet eventually I had to call Heather to get me the wheelchair to cross the landing . I couldn't walk! My legs wouldn't move, I was in bed just before nine. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A big juicy marrow bone for a poorly Frazer

No words needed
Give him a big hug from me and all of us on the board XXX thinking of you and Him

Trials and Tribulations of Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed over twenty years ago and over those years I have riled against each new symptom with all of my available energy. I have over come weakness by using tools, first walking sticks, one at first and the two, the same with crutches. At each turn i had to find some way to accommodate and then overcome best as possible. I have had walkers and zimmers wheelchairs and scooters and each has fulfilled a need at a stage in the progression    of my MS. I  have never had a relapse my MS is called Primary Progressive MS which means I have been in a gradual decline for over twenty years. I am now in a power wheelchair full time because I can only do a few steps with my zimmer frame, on a good day I might manage a dozen steps on a bad day zero and even getting out of bed proves a fruitless task. But we all need to get out of bed at some stage to visit the bathroom and on bad days my wife will struggle to get me into the push wheelchair to negotiate the few feet across our landing.
This brings me to the real reason of this blog post MEDICATION.

Yep I need my medication to try and enjoy and if not enjoy, to endure my day to day life. I take antidepressants to keep me from sinking into depression and they are the two most important tablets I take each day. Depression is a bitch! it will rob you of the joy of life and leave you under that black cloud unable to understand why you feel so sh*te. Depression is like a fog that never clears and everything looks murky and distant. But I found that owning up to the fact you are feeling dismal or even suicidal and seeking help is like a weight has been lifted and then a sliver of sunshine entered my gray world and eventually my days went from mono tone to full on colour. Don't get me wrong I still get bad days but they are the exception not the norm. Other tablets I take are painkillers, and one bad side effect to any pain relief is it can cause tummy problems. Constipation or diarrhea are two extremes and all manner of aspects in between. I recently changed pain relief and the first thing it did was yes stop the pain but it upset my tummy. Now as I mentioned I can barely walk and have a wheelchair and a trough floor lift, the lift was a result of falling whilst trying to get on the stairlift.
Speed is of the essence when you get the desire that you really need the toilet and I just aint speedy anymore, so after five days of trying the new tablets I had to admit defeat  and go back to my old painkillers. So the moral of this story is this, if for any reason you change or start new tablets BEWARE you could end up with unintended consequences, if you become constipated take some form of laxative and if it is the opposite stay close to the loo. 
How will they affect me
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