Thursday, 18 January 2018

another day lost to constipation

Yep I thought I was over it. After looking two days earlier I the week to constipation I didn't expect to loose today. But the best laid plans and all that! I am #FedUp. Today was meant to be my first day out since Christmas. Heather my wife has had a chest infection and been to unwell and after the previous poo problems we thought great we will be fine for a trip out, but my bowels scuppered any plans we may have had. XXX thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Constipation can kill you

I have just got over another bout of constipation. It took me over two days to empty my bowel fully and that was using the peristeen anal irrigation system and after sitting on the toilet for almost five hours with only partial success I was exhausted. I slept for almost twenty hours. My Multiple Sclerosis kicked into overdrive and I was unable to weight bear. I transfer with a hoist but standing once on the comfort was interesting. Finally after twenty eight hours from starting I managed to empty by bowel. This is not an unusual occurrence. In the past I have been hospitalised and even had septicemia. I never knew how serious septicemia can be, evidently it can be fatal. I could have died because of not having a poo.
I used to know some one who was all ways moaning at me to eat properly. He would say " if you don't eat properly you don't poo, if you don't poo you'll die" I always put it down to him being Iranian and it was what his mum had frightened him with to get him to eat up his dinners. I know find out thirty years later he was right not pooing can at its most extreme kill you. The internet is littered with tales of people straining to go and causing a heart attack.

I will finish tomorrow I now need to get some sleep

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Meals on Wheels

Before Christmas I had my flu jab, unfortunately my wife didn't. I have been okay as all around others lost their health virtually everyone that I came into  contact has had the bug. I may sound smug but I have kept virus free. I am unable to cook being in the wheelchair so our daughters have been providing meals on wheels.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Pure Bred Derbyshire Gritstones. A link to a sheep website

Anyone who knows me will know I love Sheep my dad was a farmer and in a different life I would have loved to follow in his foot steps. It wasn't  to be so I became a butcher and cut sheep up for a while. Now in my dotage with a broken body I am spending far to much time in my wheelchair surfing the world wide web. The other day I was on twitter (I like Twitter) and as usual I was looking at tweets from sheep farmers, you can take the  boy outta the farm but the farm will always be in this boy! Well I saw  @lambingtales his bio on twitter is:- Hill farmer in West Yorkshire, breeding pure bred Derbyshire Gritstones, Swales, Texels and Charollais. Follow for tales from the lambing shed and beyond!!!
And I saw he had just done his own website. 
Now apart from sheep I love messing around with websites, and seeing as the site wasn't anywhere on google I thought a blog article won't do any harm so here it is. Now here are some pictures of  Pure Bred Derbyshire Gritstone sheep.

Monday, 18 December 2017